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The Barkley Marathons – Annika Iltis and Timothy Kane

April 18, 2016

002 – In this episode, we talk to filmmakers Annika Iltis and Timothy Kane about “The Barkley Marathons – The Race That Eats It’s Young”. After years of grinding out very long days in Los Angeles (shooting television and movies) helping other people create their vision, Annika and Timothy set out to tell a story of their own. Listen in as host Matt, Annika and Timothy discuss:

  • How the idea for this movie came to be.
  • How they approached shooting a movie about a race that no one is supposed to know about.
  • Why the themes of this movie resonate so strongly with audiences.
  • How they apply lessons of this movie in their own lives.
  • Their eye opening experiences dealing with film festivals.
  • Much, much more.
Geek Out With Show Notes

Annika on IMDB.

Timothy on IMDB.

BarkleyMovie.com – Official website for the movie. The dvd is also for purchase here, and has commentary and lots of extras.

Barkley Movie Facebook – The documentary’s Facebook page.

Tales From Out There – Frozen Ed’s book about The Barkley.

Matt Mahoney’s site – The most historical info ever about The Barkley.

Joel Gat Interview – A few days after the 2016 Barkley Marathon, Joel Gat talks about the experience he had on his 2nd go round competing at The Barkley.

Nickademus Hollon Interview – Nick was the 13th person to ever finish The Barkley back in 2013. (At 22 years old. he also holds the record as the youngest finisher ). This was an interview taped shortly after that 2013 event. Nick’s portion begins 48:30 into this episode.

Barkley Facebook Page – This is the official Facebook page of the Barkley Marathon itself, run by race director Laz.

The Immortal Horizon – A story that helped inspire the movie.

How It Got Made

To further educate our audience about how these documentaries get finished. We will include the equipment and software used to make the movie happen.  Annika and Timothy Kane told us they used:

“Probably too many types of cameras to mention but they were mainly DSLRs or 1080p cameras

Premiere Pro CC

Barkley Marathon Poster1_600x900

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