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Cocaine Cowboys & The U – Rakontur

June 07, 2016

007 – Alfred Spellman and Billy Corben have been kicking ass and taking documentary names since 2001 when they produced A Raw Deal: A Question Of Consent. They have gone on to produce 10 plus doc projects that rarely shy away from headlines or controversy.

Today’s episode focuses mainly on Cocaine Cowboys – Parts 1, 2, and 3, er- Remix and The U – Parts 1 and 2.

Host Matt chats with Billy and Alfred to discuss:

  • Why they decided to tell stories about Miami.
  • Saying “Fuck It” even though they were ignored by Hollywood.
  • How they get past and present criminals to open up on camera.
  • How The Bootleg market kickstarted the success of Cocaine Cowboys.
  • Not holding back on disturbing footage.
  • What the Billy and Alfred disagree on.
  • Much more.
Cocaine Cowboys & The U: Geek Out With Show Notes

Rakontur – Production company website

IMDB – Everything to date by Rakontur (that they can tell us about anyway)

Paradise Lost – Documentary trilogy that Billy and Alfred are fans of.
The Imposter – Another documentary Alfred really likes.
The Two Escobars – This one keeps coming up as a favorite of doc makers on this show.
Nick Broomfield –  Billy and Matt discuss why Nick is a genius.
 Cocaine Cowboys & The U: How It Got Made

To further educate our audience about how these documentaries get finished. We will include the equipment and software used to make the movie happen. Alfred and Billy told us that:

“We use a variety of cameras, depends on the project.”

“We use Final Cut Pro X to edit.”

Billy and Alfred Rakontur


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