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Killing Them Safely – Nick Berardini

June 02, 2016

Killing Them Safely

006 – Today’s show is a conversation with Nick Berardini, about his 2015 documentary, Killing Them Safely. Like many doc makers before him, Nick set out to tell one story, but his interviews and research led him to broaden the scope to much bigger issues. Listen in as Matt and Nick discuss:

  • How a story he began as a college student that turned into a documentary.
  • How visiting TASER International was somewhere between “A Trekkies wet dream” and “Clockwork Orange”.
  • What humans sometimes do to “shift our moral standards”.
  • Reactions from audience and the law enforcement communities.
  • How the camera changes how subject interact with the filmmaker.
  • Nick’s obsession with the cinematic non-fiction movement.
  • Engaging with fans and critics online.
Killing Them Safely: Geek Out With Show Notes

Steve Tuttle – TASER’s Int’l VP of Strategic Communications: Expert in crisis mgmt, PR, public & gov’t affairs & TASER spokesman (actual LinkedIn title)

Fake It So Real – Robert Green’s  (Nick’s “mentor”) documentary about wrestling.

Joshua Oppenheimer – Nick is a fan of this twice Oscar nominated, documentary maker.

Filmmaker Magazine.com – Article discussing TASER employees dissing the film.

Buy one? – Low grade “stun guns” on Amazon.

Killing Them Safely: How It Got Made

To further educate our audience about how these documentaries get finished. We will include the equipment and software used to make the movie happen. Nick told us:

Month he began the film: August 2009

Month he finished the film: March 2015

Shot with : Panasonic HCX

Edited with: Final Cut Pro 7


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