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Rise Of The Sufferfests – Erik Swanson

August 10, 2017

009 – Erik Swanson was the editor for Rise of the Sufferfests. He is the first editor we have talked to for the podcast and had a different point of view on the movie from most directors, producers, etc.

Matt discussed these topics with our Talking Documentaries guest Erik Swanson:

  • How Matt B. Davis had great sound bytes in the movie.
  • The way Erik Swanson had to rely on Scott Keneally (writer/director)  for what was important because of the niche community aspect.
  • Why the editor doesn’t need or want to do an Obstacle Race but respects it.
  • Eriks’ connection to Rock Paper Scissors.
  • The World Series of Poker

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Rise Of The Sufferfests: How It Got Made


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