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Rock Paper Scissors : A Geek Tragedy – Master Roshambollah

May 04, 2016

004 – This episode brings us our first  interview with a “character” (non film maker) from a documentary.

Jason Simmons was a body piercer, and also worked for an accounting firm, before beginning to post  as “Master Rosh” in online forums for Rock Paper Scissors (RPS). He would go on to launch the first “known” RPS tournament at Burning Man in 2002.  He was featured prominently in the documentary we are discussing today.

Tune in as Matt and Rosh cover the following:

  • The universality of the game.
  • Trying to figure out the fact vs fiction about Rock Paper Scissors leagues and tournaments.
  • Creating “manufactured celebrity”.
  • Correcting misconceptions from the movie.
  • Comparing the 3 prime shoot versus 2 prime shoot for RPS play.
  • Bonus: One free trick revealed by Master Rosh
Geek Out With Show Notes

Bullboard – The original online bulletin board for WorldRPS.

F for Fake – Orson Welles documentary spoken about by Rosh.

Roshambo Winery – Now defunct winery that hosted regional tournaments.

Consoling Losers – Rosh talks to RPS tournament losers.

*We will have more show notes coming in Part 2 of this movie when we speak with the filmmaker.

How It Got Made

Also coming in Part Two.

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