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The Two Escobars – Michael Zimbalist

October 21, 2016


008 – Today’s episode is with Michael Zimbalist to discuss The Two Escobars. Listen in as we talk to Michael about almost everyone’s favorite 30 for 30 Story:

  • How he and his brother Jeff got interested in “Narco Football”.
  • Answering the call from ESPN when the network began asking for stories that were ” The intersection of sports and society”.
  • Interviewing 30+ people and finding 50+ archived stories to make this doc happen.
  • Getting access to such a wide range of people, including past and present criminals.
  • Screening the film in a 4 wall scenario prior to the ESPN airings.
  • Why so many are fascinated by this story.
The Two Escobars: Geek Out With Show Notes

Columbian Soccer League – Current site.

Ken Burns Baseball – Another look into a story that covers the beauty and ugly side of a sport.

Youngstown Boys –  30 for 30 story by the Zimbalist brothers about The Ohio State University’s Jim Tressel and Maurice Clarett.

The Two Escobars: How It Got Made

To further educate our audience about how these documentaries get finished. We will include the equipment and software used to make the movie happen (as best as the filmmakers can remember).

Michael told us that:

“There was approximately 9 months of shooting”

Shot with: Sony EX1 and EX3

Edited with: Final Cut Pro 7  and After Effects


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