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Way Of The Puck – Eric Anderson

April 12, 2016

001 – In this episode of the Talking Docs Podcast, we interview Eric Anderson, documentary filmmaker who brought us “Way Of The Puck”. The conversation begins as we learn about Eric’s 5 year plan that included him leaving Los Angeles if his original ideas didn’t pan out. Luckily for us, he changed the plan. The interview continues as host Matt and Eric discuss:

  • How a writing assignment turned out to be a film that took over 5 and half years of his life.
  • How the “cast of characters” came to be for this documentary.
  • Dealing with rejection around the festival circuit.
  • Getting Leonard Maltin and Seth Gordon to review his film.
  • The waning and waxing of success on streaming platforms.
Way Of The Puck: Geek Out With Show Notes

Way Of The Puck Official Site – Where to read history and current Air Hockey news. Also where to support Eric and buy the movie.
Perfection – Eric’s Wife, Karen made this award winning short
The Two Escobars – One of the “30 for 30s” sports documentaries that Matt and Eric enjoy.
June 17 1994 -Another solid “30 for 30” that Eric likes.
Stories We Tell – Documentary mentioned by Eric as one we appreciates.
One Wall – Kings of Coney Island – Amazon reccommends (and so does Matt) Eric watch this documentary.
The Rituals – Eric’s website about cocktails.
Stories Of Quitting – Eric’s website that profiles stories of quitting.

Way Of The Puck: How It Got Made

To further educate our audience about how these documentaries get finished. We will include the equipment and software used to make the movie happen. Eric told us he used :


Final Cut Pro  HD, 5, 6, and 7 

After Effects




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